The Evolution of a Sign

So, as we just recently found out, the whole astrological wheel is not really located in the position we were told and there is a serious lack of correlation between the astrology on paper (astrology which was fixed about 2000 years ago) and the true astrology, the one in the sky, the one we are trying to reconnect with… and actually it is advisable to check (if you have not done it yet…) what was the actual sign behind the sun at the time of your birth…

But, it is not only the dates of the signs that are changing – the character of the signs is also changing now…

Are the signs undergoing a change? Isn’t that a little too much?

So let us see that the signs have actually gone through changes in the past and that now we are at a significant moment in history in which the signs are going through yet another change. So now it isn’t enough to discover the dates of our new signs – from now on we have to learn a completely new astrological wheel, with new characters of each sign, a different mission to every sign etc…

In fact, in each and every astrological age the signs have a different character, according to the order of appearance in the sky of the zodiac starting in the moment of the vernal equinox at March 21th.

An astrological age lasts 2160 years, thus for us it seems that the character of the signs “has always been as it is”. But if we “snoop” a little in history we find that the zodiac we know is a mixture of different traditions from different periods of time, some are still relevant and some are not.

So now, “a moment” before entering the age of Aquarius, it is time to refresh and update astrology, and to find out what is true for us and what has remained from an old tradition that is not relevant for us anymore…

And so, for us to understand how come the character of the signs can change – let us give an example from the sign of Taurus. (And of course, one is recommended to continue to read even if one’s sign is not Taurus – because this is an example of the way a sign is changing…)

The evolution of a sign

6000 years ago the age of Taurus began. What does it mean? It means that in the day of the vernal equinox, March 21th 6000 years ago, at sunrise, Taurus was located at the place where the sun was rising.

4000 years ago at March 21th Aries was sign the sun was in, and 2000 years ago and until today it is Pisces that is “behind” the sun at March 21th at sunrise – and this is the principle of the astrological ages.

The wakeful reader will understand that in fact we are already 2000 years in the age of Pisces, although our zodiac is adjusted to the age of Aries, and soon we are entering the age of Aquarius…

But – Back to 6000 years ago, this was the time in which the writing has begun and all kinds of different and interesting religions were formed.

The astrological ages have a long lasting influence since an age lasts 2160 years. This time range is so long that for the “inside viewer” it seems as if there is now change. But if we want to see the influences of the astrological ages we will find them in the big things – which are mainly the culture, the religion, the views and concepts that accompanies these long periods of time.

In terms of the religion that dominated the age of Taurus we can clearly see that upon entering the age, different religions started to take the figure of the bull as the main god figure. In Turkey entire temples rose for worshiping the god in the form of bull, in the area of Phoenicia the main god – Adad is described riding a bull, in Mesopotamia bull-gods were common, and also in Egypt. The bull-god was a major god at this era – masculine, strong and prominent. At this period the Vedic religion also began and the cow worshipping in that region we can see until today.

When we look at the ancient writing – there is no doubt that the shape of the letters that were created at this period in Mesopotamia and the stars in the sky are closely linked. The letter א, that later became A originates in the shape of the bull’s head, which is identical to the shape of the Taurus constellation in the sky.

This means that 6000 years ago the first sign in the zodiac was Taurus. Interesting enough the Hebrew word Alef, which is also the name for the first letter in the alphabet א, is derived from the Aramaic word Aluf which means – bull, first and leader.

So, if Taurus is the first sign on the zodiac, Gemini is the second, and its shape reminds us the second letter of the ancient alphabet, called Beth ב, and of course the twins go well with the second and dual sign. (Today, according to the classical zodiac, Taurus is considered the second sign and Gemini is the third).

However, 4000 years ago there has been a significant change over – during thousands of years the astrological wheel moved slowly, each year dropping one degree backwards – a slow movement hardly noticeable. Until one bright morning at the 21th of March, at sunrise, with the sun rose the constellation of Aries.

Aries became the influential first sign in the zodiac – thus the monotheistic religions were born, the cultures of the shepherds and the image of the “good shepherd”; Thus began the ritual connected with the sacrifice of a lamb, the use of antlers as a ?? etc.

And what happened to the bull when the age of Aries began?

Just as Taurus turned from masculine, powerful, leader number 1, into number 2, so does the mythology related to the bull and the culture related to it has gone through a revolution… From a powerful leading god the bull has become a tamed castrated bull, harnessed to carts for the purpose of plowing fields. At this time the milk industry has also began, and the masculine bull influenced by number 1 turned feminine under the influence of number 2. In Egypt the bull turn into Goddess Hathor, horns of cow on her head with a very feminine, soft character – later she will be Aphrodite and Venus, feminine goddesses symbolizing Taurus and related to it.

Today when we think of Taurus we think of a sign ruled by Venus, we think of home, domesticity, stability, family. In Taurus we find something soft that loves stability and security. But if we would have asked someone who lived 6000 years ago what is the character of Taurus, they would give us a completely different description, a description we would probably relate to the current Aries – First, leader, energetic, masculine and related to planet Mars…

And then we’d think “why would the soft, innocent, white lamb would describe the figure of the charging commander? What Aries has to do with it?

So what is it that we see here?

What we see here is a great deal of confusion. The names of the sign are from the Egyptian and Mesopotamian period – the era of Taurus. But the characteristics of each and every sign are taken from a completely different time – the era of Aries, in which Aries was first on the zodiac and Taurus was second.

As we try to figure out this great mess, we have to remember that for two thousand years the astrological wheel was not updated, we have been working with a zodiac that begins with Aries while in the last two thousand years the first sign that appears in the venereal equinox was actually Pisces!!

In other words – for thousands of years Taurus is not linked with number 2, but with number 3 which means that its’ characteristic are changing. But before we get to know Taurus 3 we shall find out that the children who are born today are actually Taurus under the influence of number 4….

That is because we are now exactly five degrees from entering the age of Aquarius!

Five degrees in the clock of ages take 360 years, but despite the great distance – in astrology five degrees are considered close enough in order to feel a significant influence, and in fact we are already in the transition to Aquarius, a step and a half inside.

The children who are born during this period (and maybe some of the readers too) are already influenced by a completely different astrology from ours, and therefore the “new generation” of Taurus is “not what used to be”…

I know that all this can be confusing… but it is not that bad! The important thing is to know that we are now in a journey towards understanding that until now we have been working with an outdated astrological wheel and that we are now slowly discovering the new wheel. All the time we knew that we are at a period of change and this is another way to understand how great the change is. It is a time in which we have to reconsider all the elements around us and all the things we were told that are the way they are “just because”, and discover for ourselves what is right and what is wrong…