Advancing to the Astrology of the Age of Aquarius

Two years ago I became aware to the phenomena…

A friend that is familiar with the night skies asked me a simple question: “How can it be that you write in your astrological forecast that Jupiter is in Taurus – while looking up to the actual skies it is in Aries?”

Many of astrology fans, as well as many astrologers, do not tend to look at the skies and watch the stars – planets and constellations. Some people are not even aware that the Astrological Signs are not just theoretic symbols – they are actual constellation quite simple to observe in the night’s skies.

If you are lucky to know your astronomy for even a bit you can see clearly the constellations of the Zodiac and also see the Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) moving upon the Zodiac, ever moving, ever changing in a magnificent heavenly dance, a dance that affects our earthly living.

That day, two years ago, when my friend commented about the gap between the astrological map and the actual skies – I just ignored it. I think I did not know what to do with that piece of information. I must have said something like “Oh well… It doesn’t really matter” or something like that and “filed” it in the “mysteries file” in my head.

But a few months ago the wondering echoed again inside me, this time louder and in a more urgent way: There is a miss-match between what astrologers write and the actual skies!

And off I went to a journey of exploration…

To make a long story short – this gap between the astrological chart and the astronomical facts are a known issue. How can it be??

Today the calculations Western Astrologers work with, including the most advanced astrological software, are based upon calculations made many hundreds of years ago. In fact – my exploration discovered that the classical astrological map all western astrologers work with was accurate at the year… 288 AC !

Ancient astrologers around that time have set a method of mathematical calculation that was most advanced to their time. Maybe they thought that by that they are turning astrology into a reliable science. They have set a wonderful method of calculation that could predict thousands of years into the past and future the location of the planets and constellations, a method that have passed on through the years and was inherited from father-astrologer to his son. The actual result was far from their wish as possible – because since that day on the “fixed” astrology have drifted apart from actual astronomy.

Ancient astrologers thought they have “figures the skied out”, the fact was they haven’t taken some changes that occur slowly through the years. But more thatn that – they have turned astrologers from people that look up to the skies – into people that relay on papers, boards and calculation – something that astrology was never meant to do. The link between Man and Stars was cut.

The odd thing is that for about 1700 years the astrological calculations were took for granted – no one have thought to question the Ancient’s Wisdom…

If people would have just looked at the skies they would have seen that the astrological template does not take into account a slow slow movement that makes the classical astrological map drift decade by decade away from what is in the actual skies…

What is creating the gap between Astrology and Astronomy?

There is a slow movement that the Romans who set a fixed astrology did not take into account. And this is the slow movement of Earth itself around its axis that completes a cycle every 26,000 years. This seems as a very slow movement, but the actual fact is that every year there is a slight drift, of a few seconds of how we see the Zodiac. As the years go back the drift becomes more meaningful. In fact – every 72 years the Zodiac “falls back” by a whole degree (out of 360 degrees). This is known as the Precision of the Equinox.

The Classical Roman Astrological Wheel begins with Aries, and it is told to us that on the Spring Equinox the Sign that is rising at the ascendant in Sunrise is Aries. 0 degree of Aries to be precise.

Well, this fact was true at the year 288, but already 72 years later the sign that rose at the Spring Equinox Sunrise was 29th degree of Pisces (falling one degree backwards).

The situation today – more than 1700 years later – is that there is an accumulating gap of 25 degrees between the astrological map set in ancient times and the actual skies. 25 degrees out of 360 degrees means almost a whole sign of gap (a sign being 30 degrees).


Our astrological sun sign is set upon the sun’s location at our birth date. This is not a theoretic or symbolic issue. It has to be related to astronomical fact of the location of the Sun upon the Zodiac.

A person’s sun sign tells a lot, according to astrology, about a person’s character: their origin and quest, their motives and root of development, the inner fire of their lives. This is something I believe true a an astrologist for 13 years and hundreds of maps and meeting with people.


At the actual moment of your birth chances are the sun wasn’t at all at the sign you where told by your regular western astrologer. Because of that little frift and the accumulating gap, unless you were born at the last 5 days of your sign – chances are the actual sun at the moment of your birth was at the sign previous to you so-called sun-sign!

WHAT?? – does my astrological sign changes????

At this point most of the readers go to their personal calculations – so – did my sign change? How can it be? But I am an ABASALUTE Taurian!!

There are those who give a big sigh of relief: “Ah, now everything falls in to place! Now I see how astrology can be accurate for me!” (I have met this response over and over in sessions)

And there are those lucky ones that for them the sign was left as before. But did it realy? Looking at your TRUE map – what is now your ascendant? And moon? EVERYTHING needs to be re-calculated!

But the actual picture drawn here is much wider that us being fixed in this or another sign. And if we stick to “so what is my new character?” we will lose the wider scope available here.

The bigger picture tells about an Epoch Change – astrological epoch shifting now from the Age of Pieces to the Age of Aquarius. And the world-wide influence of that is much bigger than what we can see in our own personal map – although the personal map IS an important part of the wider picture.

But more than that – if we stick to the old astrology and try to find our new sign there – it won’t fit anymore! The Astrological sign of the new Era are just not the same! (and that will be opened up more later on)

Another piece of the bigger picture will tell us that we have entered an era where we do not take for granted other people’s calculations, even if they are wise ancient people who’s wisdom have passed for hundreds of years unquestioned – we are opening our eyes, checking and exploring for ourselves, willing to see the actual truth.

There is much more to be explained about the NEW ASTROLOGY, including a joint excavation into the unknown, with the hope of getting the wisdom from the stars themselves.

But for now we will remember that a doorway have opened to A New and Updated Astrology, and in the meantime – we are all welcome to go out and check the Skies…