• A Gateway  Between Eclipses

    Posted on September 4, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts


    We are in that  special time between two eclipses – a Solar eclipse just took place on September 1st, and we are heading towards a Lunar eclipse on the night between September 16th and 17th.

    The time between two eclipses is a very special one.

    Eclipses occur two times a year, when the Sun, the Moon and Earth are on one plane, just like on a pool-table. This alignment causes a solar eclipse on the new moon’s day, and a lunar eclipse two weeks before or after – on the night of the full moon.

    In the time between the two eclipses (where we are now) a cosmic doorway is opened before us: a special opportunity for leaving behind old paradigms and stresses, and opening the door to new ways and new possibilities.

    At this time we might be confronted by voices and habits from the past, but instead of allowing them to drag us into the usual never-ending loop, we must try to approach the difficulties in new ways. This is the time to try things we never tried before. To approach things in a new method. To break through dead-end situations by applying new techniques and new approaches.

    At this time, between the eclipses, the Sun is in conjunction to a special mark on the astrological chart called “the True Node”. In a person’s chart the location of the True Node tells about the soul’s challenges and quest- the very thing we came here to planet Earth to learn, and the territories in which we need to make the break-throughs. This is something we were not born with, something no one taught us: something that we need to learn from scratch and achieve in our lives.

    During this time of year all of us are confronted with this special challenge and the opportunity for learning new things and smashing through situations that were once  dead-ends to us…



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