• A Cosmic Window for Love – Jupiter and Venus Conjunct

    Posted on November 12, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    The two brightest celestial bodies after the moon and the sun are Venus and Jupiter – two of the planets of our solar system easily seen in the skies. During this time of year we can see them in the early morning skies, rising in the east, just before dawn.

    Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system. It is distant from us by 550 million kilometers and 300 times bigger than Earth. In many cultures it is the planet attributed to head  the pantheon, and the most important god  was known as the Phoenician god Baal, the Greek god Zeus and  of-course – the Roman god Jupiter.

    In astrology Jupiter marks the point of expansion and success. It marks good luck and fortune.


    Venus is our gentle neighbor, smaller than Earth and with an orbit closest to earth. In ancient cultures Venus was always assigned to the feminine goddesses of beauty, harmony and love. She was known as the Egyptian Hathor, Phoenician Ashtoreth, Mesopotamian Ishtar and of-course Aphrodite and Venus.

    There is something similar in these two celestial bodies, with their shining blue halos and wonderful bright glow that make them stand out and out-shine all other stars. Maybe this is the reason that in some mythologies they were considered father and daughter.


    The meeting between Venus and Jupiter occurs once a year. Jupiter is a slow planet. Because of its great distance from the sun it takes Jupiter a whole year to move from one astrological realm to the other. Venus’ orbit is much shorter, and it will appear to us as though it moves a sign every month. Once a year there’s a meeting between the two, when the two will be in the same astrological realm, slowly getting closer to one another till reaching a meeting point, from which they will then start moving apart from one another once again. The word meeting is  not astronomically correct of-course. In reality –  the two are  moving in the same direction in the skies, but very far away from one another.

    The heavenly alignment between Jupiter and Venus, between the planet of success and expansion and the goddess of love, beauty and harmony, is a very blessed astrological occurrence. It marks a doorway open for love, and a time of balanced emotions and good fortune. It is a time to refresh our emotional life and an opportunity to create more harmony in our lives.




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