• 2017 – A Special Yearly World-Events Forecast

    Posted on January 1, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    20172017 will be a year of some major planets shifting from one astrological realm to another, and a year in which Saturn will create an alignment with the Center of the Milky Way – an alignment that only happens every 30 years or so. This is going to be a year of changes, of doors opening and obstacles to overcome.

    Jupiter – the planet of good fortune will spend 2017 in the Realm of Abundance (which houses constellation Virgo). This combination allows abundance to pour into our lives, as people, and as nations.  This is time of prosperity:  a time in which we can start to see the produce of previous years of effort. This is also the  time in which the variety and quantity of what we do –  grows.

    Saturn – the slowing-down-factor of the chart – is going to enter the Realm of Flexibility (which houses constellation Sagittarius). This location tells us that this year’s lesson for all of us would be to overcome that which does not allow us to change. The Realm of Flexibility talks of a developmental journey of changing according to the need,  such as shedding old patterns or gaining new skills. All is in accordance to what the need is, and what the mission is. And Saturn being here indicates that these would be our major challenges. These challenges will appear in our own personal lives, but major changes are also what will be needed from GOVERNMENTS and LEADERS this year – for Saturn speaks, amongst other things, about regimes, organizations and governments.

    Uranus – planet of revolutions – is another key playerin 2017’s chart. Uranus is a far-out planet, moving very slowly and  passing from one  astrological realm to anotheronly once every 7 years or so..  In 2017 Uranus will move into the Realm of the Flame (which houses the constellation Aries), a shift that will probably present itself in many ways in the middle of 2017.  2017 will finally allow the continuance of many world-wide changes that tried to happen in 2011, (when Uranus entered classical Aries). The astrological constellation of 2011 showed up a very juvenile attempt to change things in the world, in a way that was not mature enough and did not offer a new model, only  trying  to break the old one. Hopefully 2017, with Uranus – which talks about  individual brightness and originality, in the Realm of the Flame –  and igniting the fire within. This will allow a global change that starts with a self-arising urge from individuals (not governments). This time (as opposed to 2011) hopefully people will continue to feed the fire of the revolution and create change in a way that many individuals together will take responsibility for,  accomplishing the  many needed changes in the world – in the variety of subjects. This will be a job for many many people, taking many different parts in the global change.

    Uranus will be in opposition to Jupiter most of 2017 – stating that “it’s all or nothing”, asking people to think big, to go all the way and to have a higherglobal view while taking on  their own part in the revolution. This opposition will also have its down-sides, for together with Pluto in disharmony to the two (Uranus and Jupiter),  the tendency to go to extremes might have disastrous results. People (us!!) will need to see how they can make  the needed many changes in the world,  and yet – not go to extremes, and forego  obsessions  or radicalism.


    So – 2017 is going to be a very meaningful year, in which CHANGE is a key world. The way to approach the needed global change would be for many individuals to take on the responsibilities for  different and “small” things that need to be updated  now in the world. We need to make the changes, but we also need to hold onto the bigger, global picture, see other people who take part in these  changes  as our companions, and do the best we can not to be radical, whilst also not compromising our mission. Oh – what a great year 2017 can be!


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