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    2015A New Year is about to begin. The stars are shifting and opening doors that were closed and revealing to us the challenges to conquer.

    Looking at the yearly forecast we will pay close attention to Jupiter and Saturn’s locations – the Great Facilitator and the Great Inhibiter.

    Jupiter is the planet that opens doors for us and pushes us forward, whilst Saturn teaches us how to confront the closed doors we meet in life.

    Jupiter will begin the year retrograding – which means that till April we will need to learn how not to spread ourselves out too much and how not to exaggerate – each astrological tribe has its own territory to look out for. Later on Jupiter will travel on the course towards the realm of Giving, until July, later on  moving into the astrological Realm of Nobility. Jupiter-wise this will be a year of learning how to keep our inner balance and how not to disperse our energies unwisely.

    Saturn will spend the entire year in the realm of The Gate – enabling us to go onto the next level in our spiritual path, though not without tests and challenges!

    May it be a wonderful, growing year for all of us!

    Continue to read how Jupiter’s and Saturn’s positions will affect your own astrological tribe, and find out about the special astrological card for you to meditate upon:


    The Lake – For those Born Between March 14 – April 12

    Uranus, planet of changes and revolutions,  is residing in your astrological realm yet for another year. This means that in this year – as well as its predecessors – the journey of searches, movements and changes will continue their course. You are still looking for your true path and  that would be the most accurate thing for you to do, to be.

    This year will bring with it the ability to create new things. A year filled with creative ideas and the opportunity to manifest at least some of them. Due to Jupiter’s position the best time to become practical and give your ideas  tangible form will be between April and July. During these months (April – July) there is a chance for great successes, especially for those who are in the creative territories- arts, theater – or anything that expresses your inner brilliance.

    This is the year of taking your talents out into the world, whilst meeting many people, enjoying and learning.

    Saturn will teach you how to let go of some of your so-called freedom – in order to be more committed to your chosen path, and for this lesson a good Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015 is the House of Expanding Horizons (9th House) – so you can slowly learn what true freedom means…


    The Flame – For those Born Between April 13 – May 13

    Till July something introverted and deep is going on in your life. This is a special time emotion-wise; a time where not much is expressed outwardly,  but a truer and deeper connection can be made with  close friends and mates as your spiritual path takes a positive shift upwards.

    This is also the time of preparing for the second half of the year, since from July onwards life will turn its face outwards and you’re up for a very vivid, intense and extraverted time. This will be a great time in which, after resting and preparing for, you will be able to go out into the world with all your might and talents. This will be an extra-ordinary brilliant time for people who are involved in the  arts and work in something creative.

    2015 will also bring with it the ability to learn how to pay more attention to those close and dear to you: A time when relationships that have recently began can get deeper and wider.

    A good Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015 is the Spiritual Portal.


    The Key – For those Born Between May 14 – June 14

    Uranus, planet of Originality and Change, continues its course in your astrological House of Vocation yet another year. This mean another year of developing and clarifying your vocation is ahead, as you get a clearer view each year and make your path more and more accurate. Each time another phase is revealed, another layer is shed – as you create yourself.

    Jupiter’s location between April and July this year will allow you to promote and market yourself better. This would be a time to advertise your business if you have one, and a time to be more social and gain new friends. It would also be a very mentally vivid time, filled with good conversations and ideas.

    Saturn will spend 2015 affecting your couple-ship life, teaching you how to be more settled and more committed in your relationships.

    The Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015 is the House of Vocation.


    Exchange – For those Born Between June 15 – July 15

    2015 is a great year for expansion and growth; a year of building strong foundations. It seems you have many plans, some of which have already started to manifest and take form. Meeting reality you might find out that actualizing your dreams might take some more time and work than you had considered before. But this is exactly the time to invest the time and effort towards accomplishing your aims. Due to Jupiter’s position you will have the help and the wind at your back in assisting to build and manifest your vision, especially between April and July, but yet it is you that will have to do the most work – hands on!

    Saturn in its current location will teach you how not to neglect all the little details in order to do a better and more precise job.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015, to accompany the great  wave of expansion and success – is Jupiter.


    Giving – For those Born Between July 16 – August 15

    Jupiter will be in your own astrological realm till July.

    At the beginning of the year Jupiter will be retrograding, and that means it will teach you about keeping your balance and proportions. Jupiter will make you exaggerate, hurry up too much or expand beyond that which is safe – and you will have to control the desire to go forward, or balance it.

    Later on, from April till July you will enjoy Jupiter’s blessings – which  allow you to go forward in a balanced and successful way, open new doors and have that strong wind at your back to push forward  everything you choose to do.

    From July onwards you will have the chance to stabilize and expand whatever you have begun-  to give it steady foundations in order to make it last.

    Saturn’s location will teach you to sometimes give up pleasures and expendable time in order to be more committed and focused towards that which you choose to fulfill and be.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015, to accompany the different affects of Jupiter upon you – is Jupiter.


    Nobility – For those Born Between August 16 – Sept 15

    The first half of 2015 will be a time for building strong foundation that will serve you well as the year continues. Till July you will be working hard without seeing the results and the produce. Things are occurring underneath the surface, and you will have to practice your faith and belief that eventually there will be fruits to your efforts. If you have any fears connected to your ability to get out into the world – these fears will now arise in order for you to be aware of them and allow you to take care of the problem.

    In July things will shift for the better – Jupiter, planet of Good Fortune and Success, will enter your astrological realm – the Realm of Nobility, where it will spend the next year (till mid 2016). Jupiter marks the beginning of a new cycle. It will allow new beginnings and the opening of doors that were previously closed. Jupiter will bring with it optimism, joy and movement.

    Saturn’s locations tells us that the family will need more time and attention this year, so even whilst bursting forward with Jupiter’s might, you mustn’t leave your loved ones behind. Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015, to help with Saturn’s lessons –  the Family card.


    Abundance – For those Born Between Sept 16 – October 16

    During 2015 the Dragon’s Head – also known as the True Node – is travelling your astrological realm. The True Node is the mark of karmatic challenges, and this is a year of challenges and overcoming them. This is the year to find a brand new path towards your more accurate future: a time to learn the lessons and become more fortified.

    Adjacent to that – Jupiter’s location encourages your personal growth and the fulfillment of your true vocation. Big steps towards fulfilling your destiny can be made this year, and especially between April and July. During these months you will be able to do whatever you do with more strength and potency, and you will be able to reach more people, whilst having a bigger affect upon their lives.

    Saturn’s location promises that there will be special lessons about communicating in a better way and having a more accurate circle of friends – even if it means reducing the number of people you are in contact with now.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015 – the Dragon’s Head.


    Creation – For those Born Between October 17- Nov 14

    Jupiter, planet of Expansion and Success is traveling your astrological House of Work&Career till mid- July. This is a great time for everything to do with your career,or with an opportunity to start a new job, if this is your aim and desire. At the beginning of the year you might feel the pressure of too much work, but this is also a great time of progress.

    In July Jupiter will enter your astrological House of Vocation, enabling you to continue  a good run at work for another year, this time with the emphasis on your true vocation and the your ability to affect- in a positive way-   other people’s lives. This would be the time to take some major steps towards fulfilling your true destiny.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015  – Vocation.


    The Gate – For those Born Between November 15 – December 14

    This year Saturn, Lord of Karma, is travelling your astrological realm. Saturn’s job is to slow down a bit the hurry-scurry pace of life, to make you slow down a bit from your usual doing and activeness and allow you to focus on the important lessons yet to be learned.

    Things might seem to be a bit slow or difficult – but actually this is a wonderful year in which to develop and grow-up, making you more fortified and more committed towards life.

    Luckily for you – Jupiter balances Saturn’s presence. Till July, Jupiter’s location enables you to maintain a sense a freedom in spite of Saturn’s constraints.

    This is the time to slowly but surely grow, expand and develop. A time to learn about true freedom – which does not rely upon any outer circumstance – but is an inner state.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015 – Saturn.


    Flexibility – For those Born Between December 15 – January 13

    This year the True Node is travelling your astrological House of Work and Career. It’s job there is to teach you some important lessons about the approach towards your job and towards your ability to manifest things. This is a time of challenges and break-throughs in the territory of career. The idea is to go forth with new perceptions and approaches, find new and un-walked paths for you to take in order to be able to really make your dreams come true.

    In addition – Pluto is travelling your astrological realm for yet another year (Pluto is a very slow planet, and it has been there for a few years already). This year Pluto creates a positive angle with Neptune – making 2015 a wonderful year of inspiration and spirituality. This is a great position for artists and people on a spiritual path, with a recommendation to take your art/spirituality a step forward and dedicate more time to the subject and practice more.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015 – the House of Work and Career.


    The Diamond – For those Born Between January 14 – February 12

    Jupiter will be in your astrological House of Love and Marriage till July. This is a great time for those of you searching for love – to find it, and for those already in a relationship to expand and deepen it. From July onwards Jupiter’s location will enable everybody to advance even deeper within their relationship, practicing better intimacy and a closer connection.

    The first half of 2015, and especially between April and July, is a great time to go out into the world with the ideas that have been “cooking” for some years. This is the time to meet new people and spread your ideas.

    From July onwards you might feel a bit introverted and would prefer to have time as quiet as possible, for yourself or with your close ones – and therefore it is best not to postpone things that need action now – and do whatever needs to be done before July.

    In adjacent to the above – Saturn is traveling this year your astrological House of Vocation, enabling you to build your charisma and expand  abilities that are connected to your true vocation. This is a time to reach people in a meaningful way – a way that can change their lives for the better.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon to accompany the matters of relationships and love – the 7th House – the House of Love.


    The Waterfall – For those Born Between February 13 – March 13

    Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is travelling your astrological House of Work this year. This time is really a maturing and grounding time  in your career and in your approach towards work. Not without challenges however  – Saturn makes you stretch and sweat. But it is all for the best – for you grow as you overcome Saturn’s challenges.  Saturn asks you to slow down the pace and prefers excellence and attention to details instead of a fast movement forward.

    In adjacent to the above 2015 is going to be a very unique year spiritually-wise – with breakthroughs and insights you have never experienced before.

    July and onwards will be a great time either to travel or to learn something new.

    Your Astrological Card to meditate upon during 2015, to accompany the great wave of expansion and success – Jupiter.



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