• 12 becoming 1 – Pisces and the Astrological Realm of “The Lake”

    Posted on March 16, 2014 by in A New Astrology, New Astrological Realms

    PiscesIf you thought we’re towards the end of Pisces, you’re up for a surprise! Because if you follow the “New Astrology” you actually know that the Sun has just now entered the sign of Pisces in the skies, 25 days later than most astrologers assume…

    For 2000 years constellation Pisces is the constellation behind the sun on the most important day of the equilibrium (again – not as most astrologers would tell you, but – hey! Look it up yourself in your smart-phone…)

    And being the first constellation of the yearly astrological cycle it “colors” the current astrological age – the Age of Pisces. It all began with the rise of the Pisces age at just about the time of the birth of Christianity. The New Testament is filled with stories of miracles concerning fish, life near the lake, baptism and walking on water. Jesus brought to the world the message of love, feelings and and non-reactivity – all manifestations of the frequency of the Pisces constellation.

    The name “Pisces” was given to the constellation by the Egyptians. In their time this constellation was in the last section of the Zodiac, and because of that it was connected to the last section of the human journey – the death of the physical body and the afterlife, as the soul continues on. Pisces appeared in Egyptian mythology as the fish eating Osiris’ flesh, making it impossible for him to manifest again in human form.

    In the Era we live in, Pisces, as said before, is actually the first sign of the zodiac – as the dead rise to lead the world (Jesus Christ – 12 becoming 1).

    In the journey of re-naming the astrological signs to better fit the current astrological era we’re in,  I have named the astrological realm that houses the constellation of Pisces “The Lake”. The new name is trying to preserve the main feature of this unique constellation, while de-bunking it from irrelevant features that just do not fit as the ages move on.

    “The Lake” has to do with our emotions, represented as the water element, in their more fluid, changing form (the mutable form). And it symbolizes the ability to absorb and really take in other people’s feelings, as well as inspiration and spirituality – which also has to do with water, in a way that can change our lives.


    (Picture: Pisces card from the Holistic Astrological Card Deck by Karni Zor. Illustration: Maya Toby).


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